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Sleep is no longer my friend October 14, 2009

Posted by hiphoperation in Post-op.
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I used to look forward to going to bed at night. I love sleeping; I can’t get enough of it. It was one of my favourite things and I was good at it too.

Now, I don’t want to go to bed any more because I know it will be painful and uncomfortable. I’ve tried every position (apart from laying on my bad side) and have tried putting cushions everywhere and anywhere. It’s no use.

Help! Does anyone know of any exotic sleeping positions guaranteed to be comfy for a whole night? Please let me know.


Home today!!! September 28, 2009

Posted by hiphoperation in Post-op.
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I’m so excited to be going home today. My hip is pretty sore but I am fed up of being in hospital. My lovely 82 year-old neighbour is also hoping to go home today and we have decided we are going to escape together if anything goes wrong.

I have been having trouble getting to sleep the last few nights since the anaesthetic has worn off. It is impossible to get comfortable and I am not used to sleeping flat on my back. I tried to sleep on my good side but it didn’t feel right. I will check today if there are any positions that I can’t sit or sleep in. I am not really sure what could cause damage and I am terrified of knocking the screws out.