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PAOs and pregnancy July 3, 2014

Posted by hiphoperation in Post-op.
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When I first found out that I was pregnant one of the first things I asked my midwife was whether my PAO surgery would affect my pregnancy or childbirth in any way. She wasn’t sure and marked me down as a ‘high risk’. I was told I should have an additional consultation with an obstetrician.

Then a few months later, I had a routine check up with the hip clinic at UCL hospital. I wasn’t able to have an x-ray this time around so just had a consultation with one of the registrars. He immediately put me at ease by explaining that my PAO surgery was done on my hip – not my pelvis – so wouldn’t affect my pregnancy in any way. He said that lots of women are concerned about how hip surgery may impact on pregnancy and seemed frustrated that neither my GP nor midwives had been able to reassure me.

He wrote a letter to my GP following my appointment which included the lines:

Of note, it is just to clarify that a periacetabular osteotomy does not affect child birth and there will be no problems with a normal vaginal delivery or a caesarean section. This procedure should not complicate the pregnancy.

With two weeks to go until my first baby is due, I am happy to report that my hip hasn’t given me any problems at all. I expected to at least have some aches and pains as I put on extra weight and my muscles loosened up, but I haven’t. I have had regular check ups with my midwife and didn’t need to see an obstetrician after all. So far, so good…

So apart from generally worrying about the pain of labour and how on earth I am going to take care of a baby, all I have to remember to do is ask the midwives to check my baby’s hips as soon as she’s born. If she is born with dodgy hips as well at least they can hopefully catch it straight away.