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3 years on & lots to celebrate June 7, 2013

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I haven’t updated this blog for a long time but recently received a comment which showed that least a few people were still coming across it and finding it useful.

So, in case anyone else finds these pages and is wondering whether to go through with a PAO or not, I thought I would write another quick update to let you know how well I am getting on.

It is now almost 3 years since I had my surgery and I’m feeling good. Apart from the occasional ache in my hip when the weather is very cold or after carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, it doesn’t bother me at all. I discovered pilates and found that to be a huge help for returning flexibility and strength back to my hip. I am finding I can bend and stretch in ways I was never able to before which is really motivating!

Last September I went for my annual check up. The doctors were really pleased with my progress and said I wouldn’t have to come back for 2 years unless there were any problems.

The fact that my hip isn’t on my mind very often at the moment must be a good sign that the surgery was worthwhile. I know there will come a time in a few years (hopefully quite a few years) when it may start causing me trouble again but I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

My sister found out a while ago that she has the same problem – but not with out lots of persistent questioning to her unhelpful doctors. One kept telling her that some people just get pain and have to deal with it!! Unfortunately, after a delay in her diagnosis, her health authority now won’t prioritise her surgery so she is having to wait even longer.

Hopefully she’ll be able to get it fixed soon and I can pass on my lovely stockings!



1. Anneliese jay - June 26, 2013

On Tuesday 2nd July 2013 I am going up to London to have the PAO opperation and my left hip…..really exited but nervous!
Glad that you recovers well!

hiphoperation - June 26, 2013

Thanks for your comment Anneliese. Good luck for next week. Sure it will go well

2. Hailee Taylor - July 2, 2014

Hi! My name is Hailee Taylor and I am 2 weeks pre-op from my PAO surgery and I’m extremely nervous about it. The surgery has put my life on complete hold. At 17 I’ve already spend weeks in the hospital and missed more days of school then I can count due to hospital visits. It’s even stopped me from going to college in the fall. I find what you have to say extremely helpful and inspiring. And I was hoping if you had the time to respond back to me and tell me what types of things you went through after. I’m really curious about the road ahead and I’ve been trying to make contact with other woman like me to see how their experience was.

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