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Both feet on the ground November 6, 2009

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I have been really looking forward to my six-week check up. It always helps to have something to look forward to when you are flat-bound and every day starts to blend into one. Most of all, I was looking forward to seeing what Mr Witt had actually done to me. I only got three screws but they are whoppers!

6 weeks post PAO

The two girls who did my x-ray let me pop around the screen to have a look. My response: “Oh. My. God. Those screws are massive!” I still don’t really understand how on earth surgeons can do the things they do. But then, I don’t understand a lot of things like how television or the internet works!

After starting physiotherapy last week (5 weeks after the operation – my only real complaint about the NHS) I have felt much more positive and finally feel like I am on the road to recovery. I am hardly taking any painkillers now and am getting dangerously close to getting a good night’s sleep.

In the last week I have even managed to go out all by myself! I hopped down the road to meet with three other hip women – Suzanne (who is practically my neighbour), Annick and Nena. It has been brilliant to put faces to names and share experiences in person. It is amazing to think that less than 6 months ago, I had never heard of a PAO and now I am part of  huge community of women who have been through the same experiences. I will be eternally grateful to all of the hipwomen for their advice and encouragement.

Mr Witt was happy with the way the hip is healing so I am allowed to put weight on my right leg – hooray! No more standing like a flamingo to brush my teeth or make lunch! I can now walk on both legs but have to keep the crutches for another two weeks. Then I can go down to one crutch. I hope this doesn’t mean I have to start doing the washing up.



1. Jayne Hibberd - November 19, 2009


First of all, thank you for your honest account of your surgery! I have been trying to find a good blog for ages now and yours is exactly what I was after.

Basic info: I am 25 and been diagnosed with dyspasia and impingment of the hips (right is far worse). The real problems started in June, out of the blue really, although for the last few years I did get a bit of pain and the feeling that I wanted to “pop” my hips out of the socket! Recently the pain is really bad though – I am a very active person normally so not being able to even walk properly is taking its toll. My right hip is very restricted and a lot of the time it feels as though I want my legs pulled off! Co-codamol helps but does make me a little spaced out (not always a bad thing though!)

Anyway, I have just been put on the waiting list for both PAO and surgery for the impingment as a combined procedure. Seeing the consultant on the 10th Dec to discuss the surgical options.

It has been so helpful to read your blog today – plus the links you have added. I watched the video link and found it really interesting, although my husband was a bit freaked out by the tools used! Just as well I’ll be having it done and not him then really!!

I hope that your recovery is still progressing well and I look forward to any future blog posts! It helps to know that someone else has been here and got through it – sometimes it does feel lonely and as if no-one really understands the pain it causes.

Take care, and thanks again


2. Rachel - June 23, 2011

My name is Rachel, and I am 22 years old and having the PAO surgery on my left hip in a week. I knew there had to be some soft of blog out there about this surgery, and I was so excited when I found yours! I’ve read through most of your entries and it has allowed me to have a better idea of what to expect, so thank you! I’m hoping to keep a weekly chronicle of my progress for friends and family (probably via Facebook) and I love your idea of high, low, scar status, etc. I’ll probably have to steal those from you 🙂
Anyways, thanks again for this blog! It has helped to calm my nerves a little 🙂

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